Here are some testimonials from current and recent clients and from my coaching supervisor, Cathy who is a constant source of inspiration and support for my ongoing development.

  • Jenifer is a highly skilled coach. She has helped me to understand what drives my own behaviour and the impact it has on others. I have made changes to my style as a result which has helped me to improve my personal effectiveness and drive increased performance and accountability for results throughout my team.

  • Jenifer is an extremely conscientious coach. She challenges and supports her clients in a balance that allows them to set and achieve audacious goals. Jenifer works hard to move towards deep understanding of her clients, and this is made possible at least in part by her rigorous attention to her own self-development through both continuing education and ongoing supervision. She is a pleasure to work with.

  • Outstanding coaching can help us use career transitions as an opportunity and Jenifer delivered that remarkably for me. Her corporate expertise at executive board level means she is really good at working with C-grade executives, recognising that they often have few people who can hold up a mirror for them. Aside from being a remarkable coach, Jenifer has a long established network of people who admire her work and value her judgement and we all know how valuable that is!

  • Through her calm, gentle and considered approach, Jenifer is able to bring an immediate sense of clarity and perspective to the most challenging situations a company executive may face. She is both knowledgeable and confident about the processes to be deployed in order to bring about the desired results.

  • Jenifer is a dynamic coach and HR Director whose practice is based on a down to earth attitude to finding and fostering the better parts of people and organisations. Her high standards, technical excellence, courage and sense of humour help build confidence and capability, and make the experience of working with her both highly rewarding and wonderfully challenging.

    Jeremy Sweeney